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How a New Privacy Fence Can Benefit Your Home
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How a New Privacy Fence Can Benefit Your Home

Your home is a personal oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Every aspect of your home should feel personal, including your yard! However, between frequent passersby and wild animals, there are a number of ways your property can seem exposed. Secure your personal property and establish a barrier with a new privacy fence!

Just as their name suggests, privacy fences are an ideal way to close your personal property off and generate a greater sense of security. 

Beyond the predictable benefits of a privacy fence, there are several additional advantages to adding this type of barrier to your property.

Increased Property Value

A new, well-maintained wooden privacy fence can increase your home’s market value. Many home buyers prefer a protective barrier around their property, making a privacy fence a deciding factor when selecting their new home.

Increased Control

Whether you want to host an outdoor get-together or need a space for your children to play outside, a privacy fence can help you better control outdoor activities. Privacy fences create a clear barrier, allowing you to keep activities in your personal area without disturbing the neighbors. 

Privacy fences are also beneficial for pool owners, allowing you to use your pool without drawing attention from neighbors and passersby.

Pet Protection

Your yard plays a key role in providing the space for your dog to move around and exercise. However, without a clear barrier, your dog is at risk of getting lost or injured by an intruding stray animal. 

By installing a privacy fence on your property, you can feel confident knowing your furry friend is safe from these potential dangers.

Protection from Wind

Minnesota is no stranger to high winds, making a protective wind barrier essential for homeowners. A privacy fence can assist in blocking high winds and other damaging weather conditions. 

You’ll be better able to protect your garden and personal belongings from being impacted by forceful winds.


Privacy fences come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Depending on your needs and stylistic preferences, you can install a privacy fence that meets all of your specific needs. 

From shorter fences to intricate designs, installing your dream fence is a simple task for trained and professional fencing specialists.

Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Installing a beautiful wood fence is an effective way to improve your home’s aesthetics. There are a variety of stunning wood materials and designs to choose from, allowing you to install a fence that fits in with your home’s unique colors and style.

What to Know Before Installing a Privacy Fence

Once you've decided to install a privacy fence, there are a few things you will need to consider before getting the installation done.

Zoning Codes

Compared to hog wire and picket fences, your privacy fence will be taller. Each city has different jurisdictions, so research and know your laws before starting.

Minneapolis ordinances require that front and side fences can be no taller than three feet. Interior sides can be up to four feet, and the rear portion can be up to six feet unless it's along a public street; you cannot go over five feet.

Material Options

The type of material you choose will affect the cost, maintenance, and durability, and the two most popular options for privacy fences are vinyl and wood. Vinyl has a higher price than wood, less maintenance, and more durability. Wood comes in at a lower cost, and while it does require more maintenance and vinyl, it offers a natural and rustic aesthetic that can be altered with stains and paints if you need to change the color.

Fence Height

There are five primary fences, including craftsman, hog wire, picket, horizontal, and privacy, each with different height restrictions. Planning is critical, and for yards with gardens or foliage requiring additional sunlight, be sure to include varying heights so your backyard sanctuary doesn't suffer from a lack of light.

Marking Utilities

Utility lines can run anywhere along your property, and you need to know their location prior to digging. Always contact your utility providers so they can mark where the lines are, because the last thing you want to deal with is a punctured water or power line. 

Post Spacing

The optimal spacing for your posts is eight feet apart. The distance offers the best support for holding up against Minnesota weather and reduces the chances of the fence sagging. 

Get Some Fantastic Privacy Fencing Ideas

If you're looking to enhance your privacy fence, our experts have gathered some popular trends to consider:

Invest in a Pergola

Pergolas can offer a stylish and cozy feature that can be incorporated into the privacy fence. These structures can also be altered to create fully open or semi-closed spaces for a beautiful and modern look.

Choose a Horizontal Design

While vertical is the traditional way to build a fence, consider choosing a horizontal design instead if you're looking for a different style. This design can be more costly, but the result is an interesting, undeniably unique flair.  

Add in a Floating Garden

Floating gardens can make an exquisite aesthetic by installing planters or hanging plants along the fence. If planters aren’t an option, add some flare around the bottom with flowers, crawling ivy, or a vegetable garden.

Minneapolis’s Choice Fencing Experts

At KNO Woodworks, we have the tools and expertise to bring your dream privacy fence to life. Our professional and secure privacy fencing installation services will help you establish a beautiful and well-protected home. 

We’ll even start your installation with a free quote so you know exactly what to expect from your service.

Schedule an appointment with our five-star fencing experts today and contact us online or by calling 612-226-5172!

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