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7 Property Issues You Can Fix With a Wooden Fence
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7 Property Issues You Can Fix With a Wooden Fence

Installing a wooden fence on your property isn’t just for show; you can benefit in many other facets! Whether you’re planning to install a new picket fence or want to upgrade your current one, a new fence can solve several pesky issues for your property.

Here are seven property issues you can expect to solve when you install a new wooden fence!

1. Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is one of the most common issues for homeowners in the Twin Cities metro. Whether your property sits on a busy city street or near a crowded highway, the collective sounds of thousands of cars buzzing around is a nuisance at best.

A wooden fence installation helps tremendously with noise pollution. Wood is ideal for bouncing the passive but intrusive sound on city streets. You can add even more noise dampening if you pair your new fence with a lattice fence or trellis. Plants that grow on these use their vines to climb up and throughout your fence, giving you extra noise insulation.

2. Privacy

You might have an excellent relationship with your neighbors, or maybe it’s the other way around. Either way you slice it, extra privacy is always a bonus. Installing a privacy fence can grant you maximum cover on your property.

Most privacy fences sit as tall as six feet. With a privacy fence encompassing your backyard, you’ll be able to entertain guests or have a quiet night by yourself in your backyard with complete discretion.

3. Security & Protection

A fence is perfect for added security and protection on a property. If you have small children or pets that like to roam outside, you gain peace of mind knowing your wood fence won’t let them stray too far away.

On the other hand, it provides an extra obstacle for a would-be intruder on your property. Since climbing a fence is more difficult than waltzing up to the front door, a wood fence will give you added security around your property.

4. Curb Appeal

Are you looking to sell your home in the future and need a boost in curb appeal? Or maybe you just want your home to be the eye candy of the neighborhood? Installing a wooden fence is an affordable and straightforward method of boosting property value and making your neighbors envious!

5. Weather Protection

Minnesota is notorious for winter and summer stores, and a sturdy and well-installed fence can help with damage prevention. Severe weather can include high winds that bring projectiles onto your property or take items from yours to your neighbors.

Having a fence in place means when severe weather happens, your fence, we'll be taking the impact and working as a barrier around your property.

6. Land Encroachment Prevention

Without the proper markings, land encroachment can happen and turn into a massive headache! Having a professionally installed fence can prevent this situation from occurring because they are usually installed in a way that measures edges and helps keep the properties premium and defined, showing the breadth and length of the area for those neighbors who don't know the boundaries of the property.

7. Gives You a Solid Outline

If your yard development isn't stopping at just a new fence, having the installation will give you a much more precise outline of your available space. This means a more exact measurement if you're planning on building a modern pergola or raised garden beds, allowing you to confidently set up any projects.

Get Your Fence Project Started With KNO Woodworks

Installing a fence around your property comes with multiple benefits, and KNO Woodworks has been a trusted name in helping homeowners in Minneapolis since 2012. From front yard fences to decks, our goal is to provide the highest-quality craftsmanship our clients know and trust.

Are you thinking of finally starting your wood fence installation? Call on KNO Woodworks! Start your project online or give us a call at 612-226-5172 today.

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