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Pros & Cons of Hog Wire Fencing
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Pros & Cons of Hog Wire Fencing

It’s time for a new fence installation on your property. However, a regular old fence design will not cut it. You need a fence that has more property other than borders and privacy. Well, a hog wire fence may be right for you!

Learn about hog wire fencing, including the pros and cons here!

What is Hog Wire Fencing?

Unlike a privacy or picket fence, hog wire fencing only uses wood for the frames. The middle consists of steel wire overlapped and twisted together, which creates a rectangular pattern. Hog wire fence’s primary purpose is to separate a specific area already in your yard rather than a border for your property.

Typical uses for hog wire fences include bordering a garden or livestock area. A hog wire fence helps border a garden because it can keep out hungry critters and other pets without sacrificing exposure to sunlight. In the case of livestock, hog wire fences are great at designating an area for your livestock while giving full transparency with your animals within its borders.

Hog Wire Fencing: Pros

There are certain advantages for choosing hog wire fencing, including:

  • Affordable Cost: Hog wire fencing is an affordable option for any homeowner. You can expect to pay anywhere from three to five dollars per square foot for installation instead of privacy fencing, which costs $20-$30 per square foot.
  • Ease of Installation: The main reason hog wire fencing has such an attractive price tag is the ease of installation. Hog wire fencing is one of the most simple fencing installs you can decide on.
  • Long-Lasting: The material used for hog wire fences is durable, preventing corrosion over time.

Hog Wire Fencing: Cons

Like every other fencing installs, hog wire fencing has its drawbacks:

  • Cannot be Electrified: Hog wire fencing is unable to be electrified. So, if you’re using it for livestock, consider this.
  • Predator Access: Hog wire is made of soft and flexible material, which may pose a problem if a predator stumbles upon it. Some predators can cut through the wire, allowing them access to your property and harming or killing your livestock.

Install Your Hog Wire Fence With KNO Woodworks

You need a trusted contractor to get the job done no matter the positives and negatives of hog wire fencing, so call on KNO Woodworks.

We have the tools and expertise necessary to get the job done for your Minneapolis property. Start your project online today or give us a call at 612-226-5172 today!

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