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Best Places to Put a Pergola in Your Yard
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Best Places to Put a Pergola in Your Yard

Out of all the woodwork projects you can initiate in your home, pergolas are, by far, the most flexible and stylish structures. Pergola builds allow you to keep the open space around it without feeling cramped. At the same time, pergola builds to give you both shade and privacy while also allowing the perfect touch of dappling sunlight to warm up your skin on warm summer days.

There are many places that work for a pergola build, but that still might not narrow down your true desired spot. Let’s look at some of the best places to install a pergola build in your yard!

Patio Space

Patios and pergola go together swimmingly. With a pergola built on your deck, you won’t need the use of a table umbrella for shades, as they blow all over when the wind picks up enough. You’ll be able to enjoy the comfort of this structure without sacrificing the space on your patio as pergolas don’t have any doors or walls.


Maybe your backyard is already chock-full of beautiful structures like a flower bed, birdbath, or work shed. You might not want a new structure making it even more crowded. However, what if you could spruce up the transition area from your entryway on out? Pergolas can do that too! As mentioned before, pergolas are incredibly flexible when it comes to installation. You don’t need to build just a square; you can make the entryway to your backyard an arching, vine-ladden pathway that’s sure to awe any guests.

The Sunniest Area

Perhaps you have a great, wide-open yard that receives a lot of sunlight in the summer months, and you’d like a little shade. You could put your pergola build in the sunniest part of your yard so you can enjoy the dappled shade in that area all summer long!

Deck Accent

Pergolas are an excellent accent for your wood deck. You could install a corner pergola build on the edge of your deck to gain privacy on the side while still having a line of view for the yard. May the sunrise and sunset hit your deck just a little too bright; a corner pergola build will help break up that sunlight!

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