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Options to Consider for Your Custom Deck Design
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Options to Consider for Your Custom Deck Design

That’s it; it’s time to pull the trigger on the custom deck you’ve been dreaming of for years! Deciding you want to build a custom deck is the easy part; the tricky party? Figuring out what you want your custom deck to look like and its process to achieve that look will be the biggest challenge.

However, at KNO Woodworks, we’re here to help in any way possible, even to offer suggestions. Here are some options to consider for your custom deck!

Consideration Before you Build

Unfortunately, a custom deck doesn’t mean you can build your dream design no matter what; there are some things to consider that might require tweaking in your current design.

Exterior Style & Design

The type of home you have, along with exterior style, may factor in what you can do for the size and style of your new deck.


Will you entertain many guests on your deck, or do will you enjoy peace and quiet? Are you planning to forge a grill master station or set up a lounge area? Your deck’s main functionality will factor in its design, so keep that in mind!


The remaining available space in your backyard factors greatly when it comes to the custom design of your deck. Maybe you have a pergola built to close the house, a dug-in pool dead-center, or have a privacy fence that blocks most sunlight at specific parts of the day. To truly determine the size and style of your new deck, take account of the space you have left.

Popular Deck Designs

Let’s look at some popular deck designs and how they fit respective home types.


You may want to consider a wraparound deck if you desire maximum deck area. Wraparound patios hug multiple sides of your home’s exterior, providing ample space to host guests when the weather is nice.

High Rise

High rises are great for split-level houses as the patio area might be best suited on the top level. A bonus has to be a slight shade area for the outside lower level!

Low Square

For patio spaces coming out of the first floor of your home, a low square deck gives you a stylish transition from your home’s interior to your backyard.

Build Your Custom Deck With KNO Woodworks

When it’s time to build the custom deck of your dreams, call on KNO Woodworks for trusted installation and creation.

Start your project online today or give us a call at 612-226-5172 today!

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