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Deciding Between a Wood or Vinyl Fence
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Deciding Between a Wood or Vinyl Fence

It’s about time you start that fence installation you’ve been wanting! You’ve wanted that yard border sectioned off for your added privacy, shade, and even noise reduction. No matter what area you are fencing, it’s always a bonus to your house and equity.

But what material will you choose? The two options you narrowed down are vinyl and wood fencing, so let’s explain their differences!

Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fencing hasn’t been around for nearly as long as wood fencing has, but its modern popularity proves it to be a viable option for homeowners.


The cost of vinyl fencing is higher than wood, but it makes up for that over time with its ease of maintenance. The chemical materials found in vinyl fencing shake moisture off instead of absorbing it, and cleaning it is as simple as using a garden hose.

Vinyl fencing can last longer than wood on average. With their material, they even last twice as long as a wood fence in some cases.

Wood Fence

The tried and true way to border off your property, the wood fence, has been the most popular for thousands of years. The traditional aesthetic of a wood fence is unmatched in contrast to other materials.


Wood fencing has a lower upfront cost than vinyl does. However, wood fences require significantly more maintenance per year than vinyl. That may not be a problem if you’re the type of homeowner that likes to keep busy around your property!

Wood fences give a natural feel to your property. Some wood privacy fences almost blend in with surrounding trees and vegetation, making their own space without making you feel trapped.

Have you recently put in a wooden fence but want to change the color? No problem! Wood fences can be refinished as vinyl cannot.

Choosing Between Wood or Vinyl Fencing

Sometimes deciding on something takes till the very last second. To help, let’s weigh vinyl and wood fences face to face.

Wood fences require more upkeep but offer more customization. Vinyl is easier to maintain but is trickier to repair if damaged. Wood may not last as long as vinyl, but you get a natural and strong fence that gives you an organic field for your backyard.

Contact KNO Woodworks for Wood Fence Installation

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