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Do You Need a Front Yard Fence? Consider These Factors
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Do You Need a Front Yard Fence? Consider These Factors

Have you ever taken a stroll around the neighborhood and noticed a lack of front yard fences? Come to think of it, you can’t remember the last time you’ve seen a picket fence in someone’s front yard.

You may think front yard fences may be against city code and get worried you won’t be able to install your own, but they are allowed in Minneapolis! Front yard fences are not as common as privacy fences but are still found in some areas.

Let’s consider some factors before building a front yard fence.

Reasons for Getting a Front Yard Fence

There are plenty of reasons to install a front yard fence as a homeowner; let’s look at three of them:


Children playing outside is the most enriching activity if you have the yard space. They have an area to run and play with their toys, helping develop coordination and spatial awareness. However, the joys of kids at play come with distractions, leading them to wander outside your property's lines.

A front yard fence provides a border for your children, protecting them from straying too far away from your home.


A good ‘ole dog needs space to roam. You can take them on a walk, but a leash has to be tied. A fenced-in front yard gives your pupper the freedom to roam around, conducting their business without you having to worry about them running off. Your dogs and other pets will appreciate the added sense of autonomy.


With an added border around the front door of your home, your fence provides a boost in security if crime is a concern. Fences can also lend a little more sense of privacy, especially in more crowded neighborhoods.

Front Yard Fence Issues

You may run into a couple of snags while trying to build your front yard fence, such as:


You may see whole neighborhoods without fences because they are part of an HOA, which may not allow them or have too strict of zoning rules to be even worth it.

Property Disputes

Nothing raises a neighborly dispute than a fence. You should consult with your surrounding neighbors and figure out the precise property lines before building a front yard fence.

Curb Appeal

If you have a wonderful-looking home exterior with a well-maintained yard, it’s best to show it off as a front yard fence may hinder curb appeal and hurt your home’s overall value.

Call KNO Woodworks for Front Yard Fence Installation

From front yard fences to decks and pergola builds, KNO Woodworks has what you need for your next addition.

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