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How to Protect Your Fence From Summer Storms
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How to Protect Your Fence From Summer Storms

Summer storms are quite beautiful; the rolling sound of thunder to the spackling of rain hitting surfaces can be a calming experience. That is until a summer storm gets nasty. Heavy winds create a dangerous environment, not to the potential damage it can cause to your outdoor items, including your wood fence.

Let’s discuss how you can protect your fence from violent summer storms!

Securing Backyard Objects

One of the first steps in protecting your fence from damage during storms is picking up or securing loose objects around your yard. Stuff like patio tables, lawn chairs, grills, children’s toys, gardening tools, and more turn into projectiles once heavy winds blow through the area.

So, if you spot a nasty storm on the way, be sure to take time and secure some of these objects down or move them into an indoor storage unit, like a garage.

Tree Trimming

The trees around your home provide ample shade on hot days and even protection against some wind. However, if the wind is strong enough, trees lose their helpful trait and instantly become a hazard to your fence, especially dying trees.

Tree branches are prone to snapping off and turning into dangerous and flying debris that can not only damage your room and knock it over. In some cases, it may also damage other parts of your property like your car or your home!

Regular Inspection & Maintenance

The simple fact is: Most prevention happens with due diligence. Take a look at the state of your privacy fence in the back or your picket fence in the front every few months for signs of loose boards or termite damage. This will pay off down the road, as spotting these weaknesses along your fence will help sure it up before a strong storm rolls through.

Choose a Professional Installer

If you’re thinking about replacing your old fence or installing your first fence, it’s best to contact a trusted professional to get the job done. You might save some money if you do it yourself or trust your neighbor who has done it once or twice. However, you’ll save plenty of money and headaches down the road knowing your fencing is safe and secure during the nastiest of weather.

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