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4 Reasons to Love Lattice Fencing
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4 Reasons to Love Lattice Fencing

A new wood fence installation is a thing of beauty. It allows you to get the privacy you’ve always wanted while achieving your desired taste and style! 

From privacy fences in your backyard to picket fences in the front, there are many options of wood fences to choose from. However, the lattice fence is one of the most aesthetically pleasing and versatile fences.

Let’s cover all the reasons you may love a lattice fence installation!

 1. Craftsmen Design

A lot of the time, lattice and craftsmen fences are interchangeable. That’s because lattice fencing design provides certain unique styles, bringing a visually creative value to your fencing installation.

You could opt for an open weave design on the top fence slats or a spindle design that provides a vertical pattern across the wood fence. Depending on your fence installation, the customization options come in quite a variety.

 2. Conceal Unpleasing Parts of Your Yard

Ever wonder how you spruce up that dingy-looking wood pile in your backyard? Lattice fencing can undoubtedly help with that! Let’s say your wood pile is near your existing fence structure; you can install a section of lattice fencing along that area for a designated firewood space!

The lattice fencing keeps the firewood out of sight and out of mind until you need to grab wood for a fire. Not only does it keep your wood out of sight, but it also provides a visually appealing barrier for it as well!

 3. Great for Recreation Areas

Do you have a patio in your yard? Maybe you’ve recently installed a hot tub or like to spend time on your veranda. Whatever your type of recreation, a lattice fence provides an elegant way to section off that area, making it feel like you’re entering an entirely different space to relax or enjoy your free time.

Additionally, if you’re relaxing on your private patio or a gazebo, lattice fencing helps deliver shade and a border to the rest of your yard!

 4. Increased Property Value

Any upgrade you make to your home increases the property value, and lattice fencing is a perfect example. A wonderful-looking wood fence designating a specific area in your yard will surely increase your property value when it comes time to sell!

Install Your Lattice Fence With KNO Woodworks!

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