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The Timeless Beauty of a Picket Fence
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The Timeless Beauty of a Picket Fence

Oh, the picket fence; an exterior symbol of American prosperity and comfort. You desire a picket design in your front yard, but you may be hesitant. After all, house upgrades don’t come cheap, and the work is semi-permanent.

However, if you’re on the fence about installing a picket fence, let KNO Woodworks detail the timeless beauty of this American classic below!

History of the Picket Fence

We started seeing picket fences as a society in the 19th century. The picket fence was primarily an East Coast item until America finally settled in the west. By then, the industrial revolution was underway, making fence materials more readily available. Picket fences were a staple of middle-class wealth until the mid-1900s when the material became more available than ever, and the rising popularity of television instilled Americans' desire for the building material.

What Makes a Picket Fence so Timeless?

There are plenty of reasons why the picket fence is still one of America's most popular fence styles, and here’s why!

Boosted Curb Appeal

The picket fence is installed in the front of your home. With the face of your home being so crucial to the visual appeal, a picket fence can go a long way to boost it. A craftsmen-level fence installation frames a well-manicured yard perfectly. Additionally, you can paint a wood fence any color to match your house color for a cohesive style throughout your property.

Whether you want to add value to your home or make your neighbors envious, a picket fence can help!

Wood Fences are Environmentally Friendly

What makes a wood fence so timeless is the environmental soundness. Wood is a recyclable material, so when your picket fence is uninstalled, all the materials will safely return to the earth!

Wood Picket Fences are Durable

There’s beauty in toughness, and picket fences don’t have any shortage of that! When installed by an expert contractor, your picket fence has the potential to last decades if properly maintained!


With wood picket fences being as durable as they are, they come in as one of the most affordable options as well! Sure, vinyl might be cheaper, but it may prove to be more expensive over time as repairs may be needed much sooner than wood.

Install Your Wood Fence With KNO Woodworks!

KNO Woodworks prides itself on being the premier wood fence installer in the Minneapolis area. Whether it’s a picket fence, privacy fence, decks, or pergola builds, we have all the tools and knowledge to get the job done.

Start your project online or call us at 612-226-5172 today!

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