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How to Choose Wood Fence Repair vs. Replacement
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How to Choose Wood Fence Repair vs. Replacement

A wood fence can serve a lot of purposes; It safeguards your yard, protects your privacy, keeps your pets in and bad things out, and can even boost curb appeal. But to reap the benefits of a fence in Minnesota, your fence needs to be well-maintained. The weather here is all you need to know to understand the importance of tending to your fence with preventative measures and making repairs at the first sign of an issue.

To install and maintain a wood fence that lasts in Minnesota, DIY isn’t the right move. You need to speak with the wood fence experts at KNO Woodworks in Minneapolis. Our team will take the time to analyze the state of your fence and decide whether it needs repairs or complete replacement.

Pay attention to following signs that may indicate that your wood fence needs repair before they escalate into a need for replacement.

Top 3 Signs Your Wood Fence Needs Repair

Wood fences are more than just a pretty face. Depending on the type of wood you chose, your wood fence can last up to 20 years when well-maintained. However, life – and the inclement weather of Minnesota – tend to happen when we least expect it.

Fortunately, the majority of the signs that you need fence repair are pretty obvious. If you notice one or more of those signs, call a wood fence repair specialist.

1. Split, Rotted, or Loose Boards

One of the most apparent signs you may need to call in for fence repair includes split, rotted, or loose boards along your fence. If you notice the wood in your fence beginning to rot, you don’t need to panic – yet. One split board, thankfully, isn’t enough to warrant a new wood fence installation.

However, as a general rule, if 20% of your fence is damaged, it is time to replace the fence. So, when over 20% of your wood fence is rotted, split, and needs replaced, you are likely to be better off replacing the fence altogether.

Call in a professional to assess the situation, ensuring it doesn’t get worse and sacrifice the safety of your wood fence.

2. Rust and Corrosion

Maintaining a wood fence is more than caring for the wood itself; The metals of your gate’s hinges and parts can rust and corrode if not equally cared for. Rust and corrosion cause your gate to lose its ability to easily open or close, putting your safety at risk.

Carefully inspect your home’s gates or other hinged openings to make sure that everything is gliding smoothly and not showing signs of deterioration.

3. Moss, Algae, and Grime

Cleaning your fence of dust, dirt, and grime isn’t enough; Moss, mildew, and grime are happy to live on and ruin your wood fence. You should take care of the problem at the first sign of trouble, ensuring that it doesn’t spread across your fence and result in rotted or loose boards.

Fortunately, it’s easy to clean up any moss, green algae, or grime you may find on your fence. All you need for this project is a bleach solution and a hose or pressure washer. Apply the bleach to the moldy or grimy spot, or apply the solution directly to the power washer for easier cleanup.

When Is Wood Fence Repair Ineffective?

Calling a wood fence repair company at the first sign of trouble is usually the best idea. Wood fences, while extremely durable and loved for their stability, need appropriate care or they won’t last.

So when should you skip repair and start shipping for a new fence?


Depending on the type of wood, your fence can last anywhere from ten years to more than 20. While good maintenance can extend the life of your wood fence, nothing lasts forever.

Cost of Repair

If costs of repair are rising, or you require more and more repairs frequently. Even if less than 20% of the fence is damaged, there are some kinds of damage, such as insect damage or storm damage, that cannot be repaired without a replacement. Always speak to a fencing professional.

Severity of Damage

Unfortunately, not every repair can be fixed. There are instances wherein you’ll need to consider new wood fence installation regardless of the repairs necessary. Some of the more severe types of damage include significant damage from a storm, an accident causing fence damage, and termite damage.

Storms can happen at any time, especially with another blustery Minnoesota winter coming up, but termite damage happens slowly and silently. Without even realizing it has been happening for weeks or months, termites will have ravaged your fence.

Do You Really Need to Replace Your Wood Fence?

Because there are a wide variety of reasons that you may need to call in professional fence repair, you want to exhaust every possible option before you decide to replace the fence. After all, it is much more than a wood fence being pricey to replace.

You invested money, time, and energy into your home’s fence, and you don’t want to make the decision to replace it so lightly. Before you make a decision, contact your trusted Minneapolis fence company at KNO Woodworks.

Fix Your Home’s Wood Fence With The Experts at KNO Woodworks

At KNO Woodworks, we understand the beauty of a wood fence. And fortunately, we can help you repair, replace, and maintain this investment in your home’s safety and value. Contact the wood fence experts with KNO Woodworks at 612-226-5172.

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