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Preparing Your Wood Fence This Winter
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Preparing Your Wood Fence This Winter

If you’re a Minnesotan, it’s likely you take great pride in your backyard’s condition and overall look. Nature is a central part of our lives in this part of the country, and we certainly know how to make the most of our outdoor spaces!

So after the hard work of keeping grass trim and green, gardening, maintaining your wood fence, and making sure the weeds and leaves were cleared all summer and fall, don’t lose that progress as winter looms around the corner. That’s right, dear homeowners: it’s maintenance time.

When you have a wood fence in Minnesota, you can only trust its durability, stability, and beauty when it is well-maintained. Our winters can ruin wood’s beauty and performance, whether you have a wood fence, cedar shake roofing, wood siding, or other natural wood exteriors on your property.

You must be proactive to safeguard your wood fence against snow and sleet, so it’s ready to serve you next spring. With help from the wood fence experts at KNO Woodworks in Minneapolis, your wood fence can easily exceed its lifespan, even through harsh Midwest weather.

Take a look at the following tips for protecting your home's wood fence this winter!

Prepare for Falling Limbs

Winter storms can take a toll on our homes and yards. From heavy snow piling up on the roof to storms knocking trees and limbs onto nearby houses and cars, it can get rough out there for your wood fence. Falling tree limbs are a serious threat to your fence – regardless of type or material – during winter.

To avoid having your wood fence damaged by falling tree limbs, make sure to trim the branches around your yard before the snow has a chance to overload them. And after the snow begins to fall, keep an eye on your trees to prevent further problems.

If you incur extensive damage, you may be in for a new wood fence replacement come spring.

Weatherproof Your Fence for Moisture

Snow is bright, white, slushy, and just plain wet. Homeowners in Minnesota genuinely have a love-hate relationship with the massive amount of snow that falls every year. No doubt, part of the hate lies in the potential property destruction by moisture buildup. Snow and ice landing and living on your wood fence allow mold and mildew to grow and spread and could even lead to rot.

Unlike moisture in the spring and summer, there is little to no chance your wood fence can dry in time to prevent damage, so it needs a little help before winter. Apply a coat of oil-based wood stain before the snow falls, and this will help keep moisture from sticking and causing damage.

Keep an eye out for issues associated with moisture buildup throughout the winter months. If you aren’t sure how to apply a wood stain properly, connect with a Minneapolis wood fence specialist to prepare your home and fence for a long, cold winter.

Prepare for Shifting Soil

When the ground thaws during and after winter, the soil beneath your fence might shift. This can spell danger and damage to your wood fence, because it could change the structure altogether. To prevent issues related to shifting soil, call a wood fence professional in Minneapolis to prepare for this eventuality.

Get Your Wood Fence Winter-Ready With KNO Woodworks!

The wood fence experts with KNO Woodworks want to ensure that homeowners across Minneapolis, MN take suitable measures to protect their fences all winter long. With winter right around the corner, be sure to contact our wood fence specialists today at 612-226-5172!

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