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Can You Install a Fence This Winter?
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Can You Install a Fence This Winter?

When you think of winter home improvement projects, it is unlikely that you’ll consider new fence installation. After all, it is cold, snowy, and the ground is often too frozen to dig. Right?

Not always. Fortunately, you can plan a new fence installation in winter nearly as easily as in spring or summer.

With expert planning and help from a professional, you can get ahead of spring home maintenance by tackling your fence installation before the busy season. KNO Woodworks in Minneapolis, Minnesota is here to help you understand the ins and outs of winter new fence installation!

Before you give our wood fence experts a call, learn more about installing a new fence in the winter.

Can You Install a Fence in the Winter?

Long answer short: You can install a fence during the winter months.

Of course, it isn’t as easy to plan, because snow storms can happen anytime here in Minnesota. However, fence installation can move forward if your home’s yard isn’t frozen solid.

Should You Choose Winter for New Fence Installation?

There are several reasons to choose winter, rather than spring or summer, to jump on building a new fence. Especially when you work with the fence installation professionals at KNO Woodworks, you’ll find winter more productive than ever.

Save Money With Fence Installation in Winter

Among the top benefits of choosing a new fence installation is the money you’ll save by planning out of season. New fence installation costs can often be reduced by discounts, deals, and even upgrades when you plan a fence installation during the off-season.

Easier to Work Around Landscaping in Winter

When you have a fence installed, landscaping is a natural next step. In spring and summer, you must set up your yard and fit your trees and plants into the new landscape. There are no such issues in winter; Fence installation in the off-season doesn’t harm immature plants, and you won’t need to replace plants or re-landscape anything.

Get your fence in now, and you’ll have plenty of time to plan out a gorgeous landscaping project for spring!

Winter-Weather Ready

For a fence installed in spring or summer, fall is the ideal time to prepare your new fence to protect it against winter’s elements. From applying a sealant to trimming tree branches, building and maintaining a fence requires time and effort.

But when you choose winter as the prime season for fence installation, your fence is “born” ready!

Stay Cozy During Installation

Winter new fence installation doesn’t put a damper on your home’s fun in the sun. Unfortunately, for a spring or summer install, you must take a break from the fun that awaits you.

You can stay cozy inside your home in the colder months while your new fence is installed!

Call KNO Woodworks for Winter Fence Installation Near Minneapolis

Ready to start planning a winter fence installation? Our team prides itself on placing customer experience above all things. Contact our fence experts at KNO Woodworks to get started!

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