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How to Waterproof a Deck
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How to Waterproof a Deck

When you have a beautiful wood deck, you want to use it in every season. But of course, that’s not always possible in Minnesota, unless the weather cooperates. And because of the snow, sleet, and freezing conditions that winter brings, having a deck in the Twin Cities area also means it’s important to stay on top of weatherproofing.

From enjoying a snowy day while looking out your French sliding doors to protecting your investment from the rain that interrupted another BBQ, waterproofing your deck is an easy and straightforward way to prepare your deck for any weather.

When you need helpful and trustworthy maintenance and care on the woodworks around your home, call on KNO Woodworks. Our wood fence and deck experts in Minneapolis, Minnesota are always ready to help you protect your deck from the harsh elements of Midwest weather!

Learn more about the waterproofing process and how and why to protect your deck and long-term investment.

How to Waterproof Your Home's Deck

Thankfully, protecting your deck with a deck waterproofing project isn't terribly difficult. That said, it takes a good deal of time and effort, and there are several things that you need to understand about the process to get it done correctly.

1. Check the Deck

As anyone could guess, you do not simply apply sealant and move on. There are a few steps to handle before that step.

First, test your deck by splashing a bit of water on it. If the water is absorbed into the wood, you get confirmation that your deck needs sealant.

If the water bubbles at the top of the wood surface, your old sealant is still working.

2. Prep & Clean the Deck

After you've made sure your deck needs a new coat of sealant, you have to clean and prepare the deck. Start by removing all furniture.

Next, the deck's surface needs to be cleaned, power washed, and sanded, and any damage to the deck needs to be repaired. This may include damaged boards, rotted boards, or anything else that needs to be fixed or replaced.

3. Apply Sealant

Among the last steps, of course, is the application of sealant. If you do this step on your own, it takes much longer than if you use a wood deck professional in Minneapolis. Make sure to apply the right sealant for the wood of your deck and weatherproofing goals.

When applying sealant, you typically need to apply two thin coats rather than one single thick coat of sealant. You can use any painting tool, but a paint roller is particularly efficient. Always apply sealant in the direction of the wood grain.

Why Waterproof Your Home's Deck?

There are plenty of reasons to waterproof your deck. Whether you choose a professional or handle it as a DIY project, it is critical to protecting your home and your outdoor deck.

Among the many reasons to routinely waterproof your deck, waterproofing keeps your home's framework solid and your property safe. An unkempt deck can have detrimental effects on your home.

Waterproofing your deck also reduces maintenance because it protects the surface and, therefore, the wood itself. As well, it also improves the look and value of your deck.

A beautiful, well-maintained deck is nearly invaluable if you ever plan to sell your home!

When to Call in a Professional

Like any home improvement project, there are safety considerations to keep in mind throughout. If you don't believe that you can do every step correctly, you may already be considering a deck waterproofing professional. However, some safety considerations include wearing a mask to prevent breathing in debris or chemicals, as well as rubber boots and gloves.

There are several steps in a deck waterproofing project, and it is easy to get overwhelmed if you don't know exactly what you're doing. You may want to save money, but with a professional, the job is done on a stricter timeline and done well.

Waterproof Your Deck This Winter With KNO Woodworks

Concerned about your home's wood deck or fence? Connect with KNO Woodworks in Minneapolis to get it waterproofed and ready for winter. For any services pertaining to sealing/staining of our custom-built decks and fence systems, we’ll connect you with our preferred contractors at Midwest Painting Professionals.

To work with our fence installation and repair experts at KNO Woodworks, call us at 612-226-5172 or request a quote online.

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