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5 Modern Pergola Ideas for Your Minnesota Backyard
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5 Modern Pergola Ideas for Your Minnesota Backyard

Thinking about an upgrade for your backyard? Maybe you’ve been wishing for an area adorned with comfortable chairs and a patio table; A beautiful space close to home and far away from worries.

Why not consider building a pergola in your backyard? With KNO Woodworks in Minneapolis, Minnesota, your small dream for a pergola can become a backyard oasis and permanent fixture that adds style and value to your home.

Learn about pergolas and how we can build and install your new pergola so it's ready to serve your household for years to come!

What Is a Pergola?

A pergola is a wood structure that beautifies any backyard landscape. Often confused with a gazebo, a pergola does not have enclosed sides. It does create a separate space for you, your family, and friends to gather and relax.

Pergolas have durable wood pillars and boards with an open lattice roof. If you are concerned about too much sunlight or surprise rain, there are canopies and other options to protect your backyard pergola.

Benefits of a Home Pergola

Pergolas are a beautiful addition. They are enjoyable to look at, sit under, and create a solitary space outside your home for you to enjoy time with loved ones.

As mentioned, this new addition can even improve the financial value of your home! Much like a wood deck or inground pool, a permanent backyard feature such as a pergola is going to make your home much more appealing if it's ever placed on the market.

A pergola creates a green oasis, a new pool deck, or a place to sit when you need a few minutes away. It creates a shaded space for relaxing.

Of course, you can add a tarp and limit the sunshine. With the lattice roof design, you can customize your pergola to your needs.

Check Out These Modern Pergola Ideas

Ready to start building your dream backyard with KNO Woodworks? First, you need some inspo for your custom pergola design. Check out these modern and transformational pergola ideas!

From modern appliances to bringing indoor comforts to the outdoors, the sky's the limit when designing a pergola for your backyard.

1. Outdoor Eating Area

Dream of the ideal outdoor eating area? Want comfy chairs and a warm fireplace or a place to put your sleek, modern grille and other chef-quality amenities?

When constructing your pergola, you should do what you want. It’s easy to create the ideal spot for your family to eat, drink, and be merry.

2. Pool Deck

Do you have a pool in your backyard? Chances are that you already have a pool deck installed. If you don't and you've been considering your options, look into the modern idea of a pool deck pergola.

Enhance the modern pool experience with a pergola that provides a lounge area protected from water and other elements. A pergola as a pool deck can connect to your home or become a separate oasis for friends and family. Create the ideal swimming spot at home.

3. A Gardener’s Favorite Spot

A pergola is a great way to enjoy time outside with family and friends, whether with a cup of coffee or a great lunch. However, pergolas are also ideal for those homeowners with a green thumb.

The wooden lattice design of a pergola supports the growth of vines and flowers. You can offer lots of sunshine or add a tarp and regulate the amount of sun your plants get.

4. Simple & Classy Entertaining

Install a pergola over a small area with a wooden picnic table to enjoy a cozy, safe place to be outdoors with your family or entertaining friends. Add lights, a hanging lamp, and other outdoor amenities to fit your home and aesthetics.

5. Connected Oasis

When a pergola is built, it can be connected to your home and serve as a secluded space, much like a gazebo. To create the ideal backyard oasis, work with a woodworking expert to create a pergola that helps you step away from home without leaving.

With a simple lattice roof, comfortable seating, and just the right amount of sunshine, every weekend can be a getaway.

Build a Pergola With KNO Woodworks in Minneapolis

If you are considering one of these beautiful, modern pergola ideas for your home, you need to work with an expert!

At KNO Woodworks in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we have the right tools and expertise to help you create an oasis at home. Connect with us online today or call 612-226-5172.

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