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4 Fantastic Privacy Fencing Ideas
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4 Fantastic Privacy Fencing Ideas

The primary purpose of privacy fencing for a home is, well, to promote privacy. These fencing projects, ultimately, aim to keep your family comfortable and away from prying eyes.

Kids and pets are kept safe at home, and you don't have to worry about anyone peeking into your backyard with bad intentions. With a great privacy fence from the fencing experts at KNO Woodworks, you can rest easy that your home is much safer from threats.

However, a privacy fence doesn't have to be a boring, utilitarian part of your home's decor. Fortunately, with the following modern ideas and more, you can put the fun back into functional privacy fencing. So, before you call the wood fence experts at KNO Woodworks today, check out these four modern privacy fencing ideas.

Modern Privacy Fencing Ideas

Want to do more with your home's new privacy fence? Tired of the same old coats and finishes? Fortunately, plenty of beautiful privacy fencing ideas will help you spice up your home's look and value. Look into the following modern privacy fencing ideas if you want your fence to become something more:

1. Go Horizontal Rather Than Vertical

Traditionally, wood fences are built with the boards going vertically along your property line. However, if you want to try something new, consider horizontal fencing ideas. It is merely a directional change but a small change that can help your home stand out in the housing market.

Horizontal fencing, although typically more expensive, is more elegant and provides a bit of juxtaposition that makes you look twice.

2. Attach a Pergola

Pergolas are a great addition to any backyard, but when paired with a modern and stylish privacy fence? Your home is suddenly too cool for you. Consider a semi-enclosed pergola built adjacent to or against your home's privacy fence. This adds privacy along the fence as well as privacy from above.

Go one step further and drape cloth or greenery along the pergola's roof for even more safety and security.

3. Floating Garden

To add to the natural beauty of a wood fence, splashing the fence's interior with greenery will only make your backyard oasis even more safe and relaxing. Create a floating garden by hanging plants or installing planters along the interior of the fence. Add flowers, crawling ivy, plant flowers, or a vegetable garden along the bottom.

Evergreens or shrubs can also be planted on the privacy fence's interior for extra privacy and greenery.

4. A Family Mural

A traditional wood fence is a beautiful addition to any property. But if you and your loved ones want to add a little more color to your world, use your wood privacy fence to show off. Painting a mural can show off your family's style and neighborhood pride, or offer something positive and sunny for everyone to see.

Privacy fencing in HOA-controlled areas will likely not be allowed to be customized in such a way. Still, if your neighborhood allows it, a family mural on the new privacy fence is a new creative outlet waiting to happen.

Benefits of Privacy Fencing

Whether you paint your privacy fence or create additional gardening space, privacy fencing is in the cards for your home. Because there are so many benefits to privacy fence installation for your home, it's hard to go wrong with a single design. Among these benefits are:

  • Improve Home Value, Curb Appeal
  • Provide a Sound Barrier
  • Keep Pets and Children Safe
  • Some Weather Protection
  • Enhanced Sense of Security

Planning to sell your home sometime in the near future? Build a privacy fence, and your home is suddenly much more valuable and desirable to potential buyers. A new owner can continue to customize a privacy fence by adding their own design flair or even just a new finish.

Build the Ideal Privacy Fence for Your Home with KNO Woodworks Now!

With help from the professionals at KNO Woodworks, you can build a beautiful and beneficial privacy fence for your home. To learn more about our privacy fencing services in Minneapolis, MN, call the office at 612-226-5172.

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