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How the Professionals Build a Custom Wood Pergola
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How the Professionals Build a Custom Wood Pergola

Pergolas are classic and inviting spaces that can add style and function to your yard. From open-rafted to contemporary, your design will need unique building strategies for a professional finish. 

The professionals have the know-how and tools to create a gorgeous aesthetic, and the KNO Woodworks team has created a comprehensive guide with the details.

Selecting the Right Location

While you might think a pergola can be placed anywhere, an expert knows there's more to it than this. Aside from how it's used, a professional will consider weather patterns, zoning laws, and the structure of your land. Each one of these needs to be looked at closely, so once it's built, you have a structurally sound and functional design you will love.

How Will the Pergola Function?

Will the pergola be used for outdoor events like BBQs? Or is it more of a relaxation space to lounge in the summer months? How large does it need to be, and do you need it covered, or do you desire an open roof style? These are just a few examples of the questions that a pro will ask to create an aesthetic that works for your needs.

What Materials Are Required?

An expert has extensive knowledge of the different types of materials available, holly function, and what will work best for the design you are wanting. Cost and availability will need to be considered, and making sure there's continuity can tie together your backyard with your home, creating a symbiotic aesthetic. 

Knowing what type of material works best for the environmental factors where you live and also what your end style needs to be can create a stunning finish.

What Steps Are Involved?

While there are multiple details involved in a professional pergola install, there are five primary ones that need to happen:

  • Choosing a flat and aesthetically pleasing location

  • Getting permits and calling for utility identification services

  • Pouring the concrete and setting the post holes

  • Prepare the rafters and beams, adding decorative touches if desired

  • Install the materials and hardware and add paint or stain for protection

Get Your Stunning High-Quality Pergolas with KNO Woodworks

A pergola can transform your outdoor space, and while you might be considering DIY, working with a professional can remove the stress and give you a stunning look you love!

KNO Woodworks has been your local expert since 2012. Our specialists are dedicated to providing you with the highest-quality craftsmanship, from pergolas to custom privacy fences.

Get expert craftsmanship you can depend on through the years. Start your project online or give our Minneapolis office a call at 612-226-5172 today!

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