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Does a Chain Link Fence Hurt Your Property Value in Minnesota?
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Does a Chain Link Fence Hurt Your Property Value in Minnesota?

Not every fence is created equally; they serve different purposes, have different aesthetics, and will affect the value of your home. Chain-link fences are just one style and are often found in areas like schools, businesses, and residences. 

If you have been toying around with getting a chain-link fence installed or already have one and it's time to upgrade, the last thing you want is for your property value to go down because of it. 

Do chain-link fences hurt your property value? 

Our experts are here to weigh in below.

Chain Link Fences Have Negative Associations

Realtors will agree that chain link fences are connected with certain stigmas when evaluating homes. The fences are associated with potential crime and the home needing protection, and in some cases, realtors include a price estimate on how much it takes to remove them and put in a new wood fence.

They Need to Be in Excellent Condition

Another issue with chain-link fences is that they have to be in great condition to have any value. Damage or rust will automatically bring the property value down, no different than broken siding or a damaged roof might. So, if you haven't maintained the one you currently have, chances are your property value will diminish because of it. 

There's No Privacy 

When your neighbors live close enough to look into your yard, most people will want a fence that can provide privacy. While a chain link fence can give them a clear view, chances are they'll end up investing in a wooden privacy fence instead, seeing a chain fence as more of a burden than a benefit. 

Invest in a Beautiful and Long-Lasting Wood with KNO Woodworks

Chain link fences might be the right option for some properties; however, if you're trying to create an oasis and a getaway from neighbors’ prying eyes or the outside world, a professionally installed wooden fence is the best option. 

From wood picket fences to pergolas and decks, KNO Woodworks has served the Minneapolis area since 2012. Our wood fence contractors can help you create the perfect design, so to start your project, click on the link or give our office a call at 612-226-5172 today.    

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