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Pergola Installations for Minneapolis Homeowners

KNO Woodworks has the tools and expertise to design, build, and install a pergola that meets your every need and requirement.

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Red CedarPergola Installation In Minneapolis MN

Create a beautiful oasis right in your backyard with a brand new pergola. KNO Woodworks is ready to supply you with a team of honest and experienced pergola contractors, capable of turning your dream backyard into a reality. We’ll install your new pergola based on your vision and special requirements! Get a free quote and schedule your pergola installation today by contacting us at 612-226-5172.

What Are Pergolas?

Envision a beautiful wooden structure that creates an enchanted walkway or seating section right in your backyard. Sound enticing? That’s what a pergola is! A pergola establishes a separate area that you, your family, and friends can sit in and enjoy. Crafted from durable wood pillars and boards, pergolas are an excellent garden feature for homeowners who want to utilize a part of their backyard during warm, relaxing days.

KNO Woodworks is an experienced wood pergola contractor that serves homeowners in Minneapolis and surrounding areas. We’ll take the time to take your vision into account for your new pergola. Based on your preferences and goals, we’ll securely build and install your new pergola so that it's ready to serve your household for years to come.

Benefits of Pergolas

When temperatures finally warm up in Minnesota, everyone is eager to get outside and start enjoying the nicer weather. Pergolas can help you make the most of the warmer months right in your own backyard! Here are just a few of the benefits pergolas offer homeowners:


Beautiful Addition to Any Yard

Simply put, pergolas are enjoyable to look at. They’re beautiful, exquisit structures that may even remind you of an Italian retreat. By adding a pergola to your yard, you’ll be able to enhance your property’s aesthetic appeal.

Supportive of Vines & Flowers

If you’re a fan of beautiful flowers and vines, pergolas are the perfect addition for your yard. Their sturdy structure and design make for the perfect surface for climbing flowers and vines to grow and flourish on. After some time, these plants will weave their way all over the pergola, creating an enchanting escape in your backyard.

Shaded Space

Due to their beams and pillars, pergolas establish a comfortable and shaded space for sitting and relaxing. A pergola makes for an excellent spot to read a book, enjoy a cooling beverage, or spend time with visitors.

Expert Pergola Installation Services

KNO Woodworks is ready to help you enhance your backyard’s comfort and appearance with our fast and professional pergola installation services. We know what it takes to install a sturdy pergola that’s capable of establishing a unique and beautiful space right in your own backyard. Start your service off with a free quote and give KNO Woodworks a call today at 612-226-5172.