Here at KNO Woodworks we build our fences with the highest standards in the industry. This is because we believe in creating a longer lasting more durable fence, that will stay beautiful for years to come for you and your family to enjoy. 


Our Construction Process for fences and decks involves absolutely no nails. We use 100% coated deck screws that will not pull out, corrode, or strip. This ensures your fence and deck to look and perform better than our competitors long term.

Posts are the foundation that a fence is built off of. If incorrectly set and poured the life of the fence can be dramatically reduced. At KNO we have decided to take the approach of over doing every aspect of setting a post. All of ours contain between 75-150lb's of concrete and are dug to a minimum of 2 1/2 feet

The most common and first failure point on most fences are the gates. This can be caused by a number of reasons but a practical solution to this problem is arboring gates. Arbors are functional in the aspect that they anchor the posts up top from bowing in and secondly they are visually appealing. And for this reason there is no extra charge you decide to arbor your gates because it simply lends itself to a longer lasting gate and fence as a whole. 



KNO Woodworks is a Minneapolis based fence company that began in 2013.  The company started out of necessity: we needed a fence for our dog and decided to build one.  During that installation, a neighbor asked us to build one for them, and we did.  Six years and miles of fencing later, we continue to work side by side with every individual customer to build a uniquely designed fence of the highest quality.

We Now Offer Financing!

We provide monthly payment options through our financing partner – Hearth. Through Hearth, you can see options for installment loans that allow you to break up the project cost into predictable monthly payments. These are fixed rate and fixed term loans. Please get ahold of us if you are at all interested or would like to learn more.


We are now paired with Hearth Financial to allow your dream fence to come true today. 

We would be happy to come out and help you figure out your dream fence or deck.

We are based out of Minneapolis and currently serve the metro and surrounding areas. 

We understand that no two yards are the same. Your fence will be built to your specifications. 

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Feel free to give us a call or shoot us a email. We look forward to hearing from you.

KNO The Difference

Not all fences are built the same. Here at KNO Woodworks we use absolutely no nails in our construction process. Instead we build all of our fences with 100% coated deck screws. This prevents rusting and lends itself to a longer lasting fence because the screws will not back out, which can cause a fence to literally fall apart as humidity levels change during the seasons. Aspects like this is what makes us different then our competition.

KNO Woodworks

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