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Hog Wire Fencing

Hog Wire Fences for Minneapolis Homeowners

KNO Woodworks provides fast and professional hog wire fence design and installation services.

  • » Create an open, yet secure boundary around your property with hog wire fencing
  • » Choose five-star hog wire fencing specialists for your installation
  • » Start your installation off with a free and thorough quote
  • » Opt for a modern alternative to chain link fencing with intricate hog wire design

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5ft High Hog Wire Fence Installation In Minneapolis

Are you in need of a fence that secures your home but still furnishes a welcoming appearance? KNO Woodworks is a licensed fence contractor that provides Minneapolis homeowners with unmatched hog wire fence installation services. We utilize expert craftsmanship and high-quality materials to securely install hog wire fences that look good and last for years. To start your installation off with a free quote, contact KNO Woodworks today at 612-226-5172.

Durable, Secure, and Stylish Hog Wire Fencing Design

There are three main reasons why you may want to consider adding a hog wire fence to your yard: its unmatched durability, its beautiful open appearance, and its ability to keep pets safe.


Hog wire fences are crafted with wood frames and intersecting steel rods. Because hog wire is traditionally used to secure and manage livestock, the design is notably durable and long-lasting. KNO Woodworks’s team of experienced contractors will also securely install your hog wire fence so that it is ready to withstand even the toughest Minnesota weather.

Unobstructed Views

Many homeowners prefer hog wire fences to alternative fencing options because of their ability to provide an unobstructed view of the property’s surroundings. The naturally open appearance of hog wire fences can also present your property in a welcoming and approachable manner to visitors. However, despite its open design, hog wire fencing will still maintain a secure barrier around your yard.

Pet Safety

The durable steel rods and wooden frames will keep your dog safe from escaping the property or interacting with other stray animals.

Wood Fence Installation Minneapolis Homeowners Can Count On

At KNO Woodworks, we know what it takes to provide customers with a satisfying fencing installation. We’ll take the time to consider all of your design preferences when installing your new hog wire fence. We’ll also start your service off with a free quote, so you can feel confident knowing exactly what to expect from your installation right from the start. If anything happens to your fence in the coming years, our team will be happy to jump to your assistance with our professional fence repair and maintenance services.

Are you ready to enhance your property with a new hog wire fence? Contact KNO Woodworks online or by phone at 612-226-5172. We look forward to working with you!