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Picket Fencing

Wood Picket Fence Installation in Minneapolis - St. Paul

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4ft High Picket Fence Installation In Minneapolis

Establish boundaries around your property while enhancing your curb appeal with a beautiful wood picket fence installation! KNO Woodworks brings a team of experienced and professional wood fence specialists to every project. We’ll even start your installation off with a free quote so you can know exactly what to expect right from the start! Give us a call today at 612-226-5172 to learn more about our professional picket fencing services.

Picket Fencing Designed for Security & Appearance

Picket fences are a timeless and beautiful addition for any home. There are several ways a new picket fence can benefit your home, including:

  • They provide your home with advanced security while still maintaining an open and inviting appearance.
  • Picket fences add a charming and unique touch to your home’s exterior.
  • If you’re hoping to sell your house in the future, you can increase your home’s marketability with a beautiful brand new picket fence professionally installed by our experts!

If you’re ready to enhance your home’s security and aesthetic value with a new wooden fence, KNO Woodworks is ready for your call. We’ll take the time to customize and install your picket fence so that it’s as secure and beautiful as possible.

Design Options for Your Picket Fencing


Depending on your preference, picket tops can be flat, or can be cut to a pointed shape or in a decorative design. You can either spend more money on custom designs or go with a more affordable standard option. The width of pickets can range from 2-4 inches. A top rail on the fence or a curved top profile can be other options.


To keep your curb appeal, picket fences in front yards are a bit shorter, generally 36-42 inches tall. If you have large pets, however, you could choose to have a higher fence at 48 inches. When you want more privacy in your backyard or are installing a picket fence for a commercial area, the most common height used is 72 Inches.


The most popular front yard fence color is still white to this day. If you want your wood to weather gracefully as time passes, you may want to consider using easy-to-apply stains for a finish.


When you have wider gaps in your picket fence, you will use less material, but it comes with some drawbacks. If safety is on your agenda, you will want smaller gaps to prevent children and pets from getting their heads stuck. A solid spacing option is to match the picket gap size with the width of the picket.

Gate Options

Typical yards gates are custom built to patch fence design and height as the same width of the walkway. There is a large array of styles to choose from while there are child-proof safety latches available for additional safety. Consider an easy-open latch gate for package delivery, postal workers, or gardeners.

Fence Contractor

Unless you have experience with picket fences and know how to install them, you should always hire a professional for installation. Call on KNO Woodworks for your fence installation project!

Leading Wood Fence Installer in Minneapolis - St. Paul

Add an elegant touch to your property with a new picket fence installed by KNO Woodworks. We’ll help you maintain a protective barrier around your property while keeping your home beautiful and appealing. We’re committed to always giving you five-star communication and results throughout your entire installation service. Contact us online to schedule your free quote today!